An Easy Way to Double Positive Energy in Your Home


Looking for a way to double the positive energy in your space?

Mirrors are an easy way to double positive energy in your home.

“You can use mirrors to reflect and double anything you want to amplify.”1


Think about what is is you’re trying to bring into your space.

Does your dark office need more light?

Place a mirror near a window so that it reflects the light from outside.

Want to bring in the grounding energy of a tree?

Arrange the mirror in such a way so that it reflects the tree. That’s what we did in our home.

Our front door opens up to a set of stairs that lead to a blank wall and walkway that leads to the kitchen. As you ascend the stairs, there are windows behind you that look out to these beautiful palm trees. We placed a large floor mirror at the top of the stairs, so guests are welcomed into our space with a reflection of the tall palm trees outside. Goodbye blank wall! This simple addition to our entrance enhances the Southern California bungalow vibes we were going for with this spot.

Note, some Feng Shui experts believe that a mirror should not be placed directly across from the front door because it can push away the good energy that you are trying to bring into your home.2 In our home, the front door is not reflected in any way because the mirror sits at the top of the staircase. In this instance, I’m breaking any Feng Shui rules. Instead, I’m simply reflecting the symbol of peace and warmth that palm trees are known for.

double positive energy in your home with mirrors
Picture by @splitlevel.home

Since mirrors double the energy of whatever it reflects, I love placing them near plants or flowers. @splitlevel.home has placed a lily floral arrangement and a candle in front of the mirror. A simple trick to amplify the purity and light that come both and a beautiful way to warm up the entrance of this space. 

Things to keep in mind when decorating with mirrors:

  • One large mirror is better than multiple small mirrors. “Tiny or tiled mirrors or fragments will cause you to feel “broken up” into pieces over time.”3
  • Ensure your mirrors are dust-free and clean to attract good energy into your space
  • Some Feng Shui experts believe that a mirror in an office can reflect and double your workload, so something to consider if you’re looking for ways to better your work-life balance, not increase your workload4
  • Mirrors facing your bed can bring sleep issues5

Other ways to bring positive energy to a room?

While this may seem obvious, decluttering a space will always make it feel more open. Make it a habit and spend five or ten minutes at the start or end of every day to put things back where they belong. Store items that aren’t used on a regular basis.  Everyday items can be left out or put somewhere accessible (like the top drawer).

Be mindful of what goes on the floor. Leaving the floor open and free of piles or clutter will always make a room feel more spacious. Leave space between furniture and the wall, if possible. Furniture that lines up right against a wall accentuates how small a space really is.6

Work with a professional who can suggest ways to improve the Feng Shui of your home.

There are also plenty of informative books about Feng Shui. I recommend Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui, by Karen Kingston.

Have other suggestions to double the positive energy in your home that weren’t mentioned here? Leave a comment below!

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