Before & After Gallery


Who doesn’t love a good before and after gallery?

Below are before and after photos of various projects I’ve worked on for my clients.

For this Cardiff client, we helped her streamline her wardrobe so she didn’t have the use the floor for her excess clothes. Like we always tell our clients, decluttering is at least 30% of any organization project. After we helped her get rid of (read: donated) bags worth of clothes, we had enough space to organize this closet where everything has a home and is easy to see.



We transformed this master bathroom drawer by ensuring that everyday essentials were easy to see and access. Things that are used everyday should be placed in the top drawer – hence the toothpaste, floss sticks, deodorant, and cotton swabs. Things that aren’t used daily like backup razors, cuticle oil, and travel sized toiletries were moved to a different a lower drawer.


A little cable management goes a long way. We organized this office by cleaning up the cords and cables, and moving the paper clutter to the file cabinet. Rather than having multiple piles of paper around the house, designate one place for all paper. Sort your paper into three main sections: 1) to be dealt with (like utility bills); 2) to be filed (think birth certificates); and 3) to be referenced (for example, rental agreements).


We transformed this miscellaneous storage my designating a home for each item on the shelf. In the upper left hand, additional string light bulbs and smart sockets. Below that tech related gear like a dj board, headphones, a projector, and the white sheet (used for outdoor projecting). Board games on the row below that. And barbeque related things below that. On the righthand side, there’s tools, hardware, and a first-aid kit. Below that, larger items like the drill, Theragun and electrode machine. The idea here, with most organizing projects, is to group like with like, or at least similar items togethers.



Almost everyone I come across complains about their under the sink situation. It’s always a situation. Bottles thrown in with trash bags, grocery store bags, kitchen backups, who knows what we’ll find. By getting a few buckets or bins to contain the cleaning bottles and other supplies, your under sink will go from being a scary scene to one that sparks joy.


Trust me when I say: invest in felt hangers. And if you don’t trust me when I say that, at least invest in matching hangers. For this master closer refresh, I helped my client purge (and donate) clothes she no longer wears or that no longer with her current lifestyles. I color coded the remaining clothes that she truly loves. The hangers and color coding make this master closet pleasing to the eye.


Before PantryAfter Pantry


For this pantry project, we brought organization to the space by grouping like items together and housing them in cohesive wicker baskets. Keeping your pantry organized is actually an important task. Getting rid of expired food and cleaning out supplies can not only create more space in your kitchen and make daily cooking easier, but it can also potentially keep you healthier.

For this closet, we color coordinated and allocated all hanging space for long and short term items. This way, everything stays neater, plus you’ll have dedicated areas for all of your different garments.


For this pantry project, we categorized and used labels to help our clients find each item easier. This also helps to see what you have already and what you might not use/need any longer.


This walk-in closet needed some TLC. We added a nice dresser to keep jeans and t-shirts, color coded long sleeves and staple pieces that are hanging, and used the shelves for shoes for a very clean look. 

By decluttering and categorizing the contents of your cabinets that you’re keeping is one of the first steps to getting organized. Make sure to categorize the items in a way that makes sense to you and your household. Function is most important for a kitchen cabinet.

Baskets are a great way to keep everything under your sink organized and easily accessible.