My Favorite Organizing Products


Clients are always asking what my favorite organizing products are.

As an an aspiring minimalist, I fear my clients will run out to buy a bunch of containers and products in hopes that that alone will make them organized (it won’t)… (I almost always suggest starting with an organizing consultation first. It’s free and you can schedule that here.) That said, there are certain products that really help make the organizing process that much easier.

Here are some of my favorite organizing products that you may find useful too…

In the Bedroom

Felt Hangers

One of the easiest ways to bring order to your closet is by hanging all of your shirts on the same type of hanger. Things that look cohesive naturally look more organized. I like these hangers for their thin design, meaning you can store more in you and because the felt keeps tank top straps from slipping off.

Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

As I’ll get into more in a future article, I’m a big proponent of making sure you can see all of your belongings.

I love this over-the-door show organizer, especially for small houses or apartment living, as it maximizes your storage space.

Not only that, but it will keep you from forgetting about those shoes that live at the bottom of a shoe bucket or hide in the back of your closet.

Hanging Hat Organizer

This was one of the first home improvement projects we accomplished in 2022. Our previous hat holder just wasn’t working for us, so it was time for an upgrade.

We swapped our hat storage out for these beautiful and functional hat rods. I particularly like how easy it is to see all the hats and how organized it looks. They include 20 S-hooks and 10 clips for beanies too.

Bamboo Drawer Dividers

If you’ve mastered the art of file-folding your clothes, it’s time to take it to the next level. Depending on the contents and size of your drawers, you’ll likely end up with two or three rows of clothes per drawer. Add in these bamboo drawer dividers so you can keep your tank tops separate from your short-sleeves, separate from your long-sleeves.

Be sure to measure your drawers first! Most dresser drawers are between 13.5-18″ which would require the small size.

In the Kitchen

Wicker Baskets

Group like with like for an easy-to-maintain pantry. (We love easy!) Put your breads in one basket, grains in one, chips and snacks in another, condiments in another, etc. Simply grouping “like with like” and putting your items into cohesive baskets will make keep your pantry pretty and organized.

An average pantry will require somewhere between 8-20 baskets.

Bin Clip-On Labels

If you’re going to get the wicker baskets above, be sure to get these label clips too. They include 30 labels or you can create your own with my favorite label maker.

These make it super easy for everyone in the house to know where to put things back.

Food Storage Container

These are a great alternative to the wicker baskets I mentioned above. These are lightweight, easy to clean, and can store a decent amount.

Bamboo Utensil Organizer

If you’re still using a worn-down, discolored plastic silverware organizer that you got before you left for college, now is the time to upgrade.

Not only is this bamboo sustainable, it’s beautiful, functional, and will expand to fit your drawer. Make sure you measure your space first, just to be sure it will fit.

Bamboo Drawer Dividers

We all know the kitchen drawer that’s packed with wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks, bar tools, knives, tongs, etc. etc.

These bamboo drawer dividers are a lifesaver in just about any drawer — from your bedroom to the kitchen. You can instantly make things more organized by sectioning off your wooden utensils from your bar tools from your silver serving ware.

Pro tip: measure your drawers first! Most kitchen drawers are between 17″-22″ in length, requiring the large size.

In the Office

Plastic File Folders

There aren’t many places I recommend plastic products but I do in this instance and for good reason. First, they are super durable. And second, instead of using a pen to label your file folders, you can use the Dymo label maker (below) to label your files. If you don’t need that label next year, just pull it off and toss it… but keep the file and reuse it.

Odds & Ends

P-touch CUBE Plus Label Maker

This label maker is great for all types of projects. I love how easy it is to customize the labels – from size to font style to embellishments and even the ability to add in emojis.

When organizing kids toy areas, I love adding in emojis for those kids who aren’t old enough to read. This helps them know where everything belongs.

It works with Bluetooth technology and the battery lasts surprisingly long.

Dymo Label Maker

This is my go-to label maker for labeling smaller things, or when you don’t want the label to be the center of attention. It’s lightweight, portable, and battery powered. It’s great for labeling cables, electronics, the tops of spice jars, and so much more.

Magnetic Key Chains

If I don’t put my things in the same place every time, I have no idea where the are, and this is the truest for my keys. So every time I get home, I stick the keys to the fridge.

These keychains are also great because you can loop one side to your purse or backpack and the other side to your keys. When you need to get in the house or start the car, just pull the keys right off.

White Sage

I live for rituals. For me, I use white sage to smudge the house right after I clean or organize. The scent is very grounding. Old beliefs say that white sage clears our spiritual impurities.

I like Juniper Ridge’s white sage bundle because they’re Bay Area local. You can order via Amazon by clicking on the picture to the left or directly from their website.

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