Garage Organization


In the US, we have a garage problem. Garages have transitioned from a place to park a vehicle to a place to store all the stuff we don’t have space for in the house. I’m look at you, sports equipment, camping gear, seasonal decorations, gardening supplies, tools and hardware, and sentimental items.

Our garages have become a dumping ground for deep storage: things we don’t need access to everyday, but still want to own. If we don’t keep our garages organized, they can quickly get out of hand. As I mentioned in a blog post, of people that have a two-car garage, about a quarter of them cannot park a car inside, and another third of people only have room for one car. Garages have become our at-home storage unit.

By the time clients hire us to get organized, their garages are in such disarray, they have feelings of shame, guilt and helplessness. So many of them are convinced that this must be the worst garage we’ve ever seen. (It’s not.)

Whether your goal is to finally be able to park your car inside or just have an inventory of what you own, our team will get your garage organized and leave you with a system that’s easy to maintain.


Our process always begins with a free 30-minute consultation. You can schedule that here. When our work begins, our team handles all sorting, decluttering, categorizing, and organizing. We will work with you to create a system that works with your needs and lifestyle.