Sarah has been invaluable in helping me tame my home and office. She is insightful in creating organization and open space out of chaos. Her work is efficient, focused, and always respectful. I highly recommend her services.

— Bonnie, San Francisco

Sarah helped me get my bedroom, closet and bathroom together after moving. My bedroom consisted of piles of stuff that I hadn’t had the time to sort through and organize myself. In just a few hours she organized my belongings in a way that made sense for me and even help arrange my room a bit to optimize the space. She is friendly and was great with my pup. I will definitely be hiring her again. Thanks Sarah!

— Cydney, Oceanside

Sarah is a superwoman! I had more than an organizing problem, I had an unpacking problem. I’m disabled and moved into a new apartment. When Sarah arrived, there were boxes and “stuff” from floor to ceiling. When she left, I could get around the apartment more easily, but there was still much to do. She offered to come back the following weekend….and I was so glad she did. As we unpacked boxes, we organized as we went along. By the time she left, I was much more organized and the boxes and “stuff” were manageable. With her guidance and help, my apartment is now a home, not a storage unit… Sarah is smart, direct, and a sweetheart! She helped me find a direction in my new home.

— Kathy, La Brea

We didn’t know that the AirBnB listing would be rented out so quickly after listing. Sarah came to the rescue to organize what was still left in the home, and staged it beautifully to make it AirBnB ready with beautiful touches, like flowers and chocolates and champagne. She is responsive, professional, kind and has a beautiful eye. Would definitely recommend her for your organizing and staging needs!

— Phoebe, Carmel Valley

Sarah was professional, punctual and friendly. I would recommend her again!!!

— Karan, Valley Center

I can’t even begin to describe the gratitude I have for Sarah and what we were able to accomplish. I have struggled for years to organize and simplify my spaces once they become too overwhelming. Today with her help my worst space, my closet got some much needed TLC! The before and after pictures do not do my closet justice. Can’t wait to have her back to knock out a few more spaces around our home.

— Ashleigh, Canyon Lakes

We hired Sarah to organize our studio storage space and we were so happy we did.  Our storage space was a disorganized mess before Sarah came in.  Within a matter of hours, she transformed the space.  We can now have a place for all of our cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items.  And know when it’s time to reorder the necessities.  This won’t be the last time we work with her.  Thank you!!!

— Sean, San Francisco

Sarah Dunn came in and rocked my world. It changed my life. She really got a good system going for me. I never thought about organizing my things in a way that makes sense. She decluttered my space and my mind. I can now work from my room with a sense of clarity. And I realized I was holding on to things that just collected dust. Thank you, Sarah!

— Denisha, San Francisco

Sarah helped me transform my space into a beautiful and simplified environment that felt clean, uncluttered and one that I love to come home to. She walked me through the process patiently and helped explain how and why to let go of things that I thought were important to hold onto. She showed me little ways that I can find simplicity in my life and helped me realize that less is more. I feel mentally more organized and calm every time I walk into my own space. I am so grateful for Sarah!

— Merri, San Francisco

Sarah came to me like a little fairy who had a magical wand that was able to transform any chaos/messiness/clatter to a wonderful harmonious space. She right away knew and had a clear plan in mind of how things are going to work. She transformed my messy space (including a lot of paperwork) in 2 hours!  Sarah left me with a wonderful new space & gave me tips for keeping the organization in the future. 

— Bat-el, Los Angeles

Sarah is simply the best. Trustworthy, organized, thoughtful, communicative – what she says she’ll do, she does. As a personal organizer, she’s helped me organize my closet, my room, and my apartment. Hard-working and visionary, she is the person everyone needs in their life. I highly recommend Sarah for her personal organization skills!

— Nghiem, San Francisco

I was nervous about working with a professional organizer because I am not a minimalist, in fact I’m quite the opposite. A friend recommended that I work with Sarah and I’m so glad I did. She was respectful and courteous. And she did not make me get rid of anything that I was not ready to part with. My apartment is now clear of the clutter and distraction that was keeping me anxious before while working from home. I now have a workspace that feels Zen and inspiring, and this wouldn’t have been possible without Sarah.

— Sarah, Del Mar

Sarah was a huge help in getting me out of my rut of procrastination on my home cleanup & reorganization project. She’s a joy to be around, and the questions she asked were as clarifying as they were delicate. I got rid of so many old items in my closets that allowed me to neatly store the items I actually valued. It’s honestly mind blowing how much a clean and well-organized space contributes to mental clarity and relaxation! I’ll certainly be enlisting her help again in the future. Thanks Sarah!

— Kevin, San Francisco